Mel Hayes Photography

Mel Hayes Photography Weddings Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why meet the photographer?
A. As a client you need to be sure that you are hiring the right photographer for your wedding and the only way to find out is to meet the photographer. I offer obligation free consultations to all my prospective clients, so that I can find out more about your wedding and understand your expectation. Just send me an email or call me, I can come to you or meet at a convenient location.

Q. What is a wedding planning session?
A. A wedding planing session takes place after the booking closer to your wedding day. This is where we will discuss all the events in detail including timing, arrival, locations, family photos etc. Where possible I would like to visit your wedding location. On this session we will plan the day, so that we are both on the same page and I have a very good understanding of your wedding.

Q. How does the booking process work?
A. First I will visit you for to chat about your wedding. This is an obligation free consultation. You pay a deposit of $1000 when you are ready to secure me as your wedding photographer. The full payment is due two weeks before the wedding. Payment options are cash, direct deposit, and Paypal. A 2.5% surcharge will apply for Paypal payments. If you are worried about another couple booking me before you for the date, I will let you know before taking the other booking.

Q. What happens to my deposit if I have to cancel?
A. Once you book your wedding, I block your wedding date out for you and do not accept other events the same day. For this reason, the initial deposit is non-refundable.

Q. What if my wedding date changes after paying the deposit?
A. I will simply change to your new date if I don’t have another wedding booking on the same day. However if I am already booked for the new date you will lose your deposit.